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Chromosome Deletion

Any parents with children with deletions specific to chromosome 2q31.2 and 2q32.2? or other deletions?


6 responses to “Chromosome Deletion

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hi – I was just looking for info for a friend of mine who’s child has the exact deletion you mention above (2Q31.2 – 2Q32.2). I don’t know when you posted this. Are you still looking for parents of children with this deletion? I am trying to help her find some ways to cope with and/or treat the behavioral difficulties she has with her daughter. Thanks.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Do you have an email address I could send to rather than posting here? I’d like to give you her email address but I don’t feel like I should post it on a public site. I assume you have my email address from the post? Thanks!

  3. Legend's Mom says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I can be reached at legendsmom03@gmail.com 🙂

  4. michelle G. says:

    Hi Legends Mom,
    I came across your site via google searching 2q32.2 deletion. We have a child who we recently found out has that deletion and was born with birth defects. Are you still looking to connect with folks of similar deletions?

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